Font Bialik

Tel Aviv, IL – Weinblum + Stahl designed Bialik, a unique Hebrew typeface inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Based on geometric shapes and grounded by other core Bauhaus principles of contrast, abstraction and geometry, Bialik is a clear, modern and highly readable typeface. The font takes its name from Bialik Street, a key thoroughfare in the “White City” of Tel Aviv, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural site for having the largest number of Bauhaus style structures anywhere in the world.

Bialik stands out in the design industry where a minority of typographers create font faces specifically for the Hebrew language. Weinblum + Stahl was recognised for their work on the Bialik typeface in an article that appeared in PAGE Online, the creative industry’s leading publication in Germany.

“Ann-Iris Weinblum’s artistic and unique font is named after the Israeli national poet Chaim Nachman Bialik – and especially after Rechov Bialik, the beautiful street in Tel Aviv, which was named after him…” – Sabine Danek, PAGE Online

Read the full German PAGE Online article “Superb Bauhaus-Font Bialik”