Font Tausch

Berlin, DE – The typeface, Tausch, meaning “trade” or “barter” in English, was born out of a creative exploration into the positive and negative effects of an imagined transition to a barter economy in Berlin. We found this theme particularly fertile grounds for imagination when examined in a city that has been shaped by communism, capitalism and, now, by the near-reality of a barter system fuelled by the internet. We sought to bring awareness to the instinctive way we assign value to objects, often without conscious deliberation or prolonged evaluation.

Our creative process was informed by the Brothers Grimm story Hans im Glück (Hans in Luck), an ironic rags-to-riches fairytale. Over the course of a long journey, the title character Hans makes a series of ill-fated trades which results in him losing all his material assets, including a sizeable and very heavy lump of gold. Even though he arrives at his mother’s home empty-handed, he marvels at his good fortune of not having any burdens weighing him down.

Tausch has also been used commercially in Streetwear Now! magazine.