Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz Brand Communication

Zuoz, CH – Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, one of Europe’s premier international boarding schools nestled in the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz, has entrusted us with their entire brand communication online & offline. Since 2015, Weinblum + Stahl has been the school’s lead agency, creating a powerful brand that has a strong standing within the highly competitive boarding school market. In collaboration with the school’s marketing team, we create annual communication and design strategies that increase brand awareness and the number of school programme applications.

Focusing on every detail, Weinblum + Stahl conceptualises and creates marketing campaigns offline and online within integrated communication strategies, in diverse languages in order to target relevant markets world wide. The website, social media channels, marketing materials, magazines, annual reports, schedules, and much more are developed, designed and updated on a regular basis in order to reflect a strong and consistent brand appearance.

Weinblum + Stahl has been entrusted with redesigning and developing the school’s entire online presence.

Furthermore, Weinblum + Stahl is responsible for the creation and implementation of an extensive Online Marketing Strategy including SEO, SEA and SMA measures.

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