Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz – Website Redesign

Through an ongoing partnership since 2015, we serve as the creative lead for Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, one of Europe’s premier international boarding schools located in the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz.

The website redesign sets the stage for the school´s unique features: exceptional education, the unique setting in the Swiss Alps and top-class facilities. Carefully selected authentic photo material conveys the school’s special ambience and engages with visitors through true emotion.

Using user-centric and conversion-driven design, we created an user experience free from distractions. Generous use of white space enables users to gather information effortlessly and strategically placed calls to action encourage to convert.

Marketing, social media campaigns and SEO determined every part of the design. Continuous development allows the school’s marketing team to use the website as a powerful adaptable tool for their marketing strategies.