Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz – Website Redesign

Zuoz, CH – Being in charge of their whole branding communication since 2015, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, one of Europe’s premier international boarding schools nestled in the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz, has further put trust in Weinblum + Stahl’s abilities and asked us to redesign their website. Besides turning it from a rather static and out-of-date into a dynamic and more modern webpage, the challenge was to implement the key visual as well as stylistic features of the brand and convert it into a clearly structured and hence user-friendly web experience for each visitor.

Right from the start, when developping a website concept, we were determined to put an emphasis on one of Lyceum Alpinum main USPs (besides its reputation for exceptional education): the unique setting in the Swiss Alps and the school’s top-class facilities.

Hence, the new webpage should impress particularly with high-quality photos that transmit that wonderful ambiance much better than a thousand words could do. Special attention was also devoted to a comfortable and self-explanatory UI as well as menu navigation to guide the website-user easily from A to B: