platform79 Exhibition, Corporate Identity

Berlin, DE – Weinblum + Stahl was responsible for developing the brand identity and promotional campaign for platform79–the berlin project, a contemporary art exhibition that took place in a former women’s prison in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Held during the inaugural Berlin Art Week in 2012, from 10 – 16 September, the exhibition was a platform for artistic and curatorial experimentation and featured both completed and site-specific installations.

An international group of artists and art collectives were informed by the physical context of the abandoned prison and explored the friction between real and imagined spaces and/or real and hyper-real spaces, either of which often result in a reflex of escape.

platform79 was a very popular exhibit during Berlin Art Week attracting international press coverage, rave reviews from attendees and selling out the limited edition magazines.

The success of this exhibition triggered a lot of interest in the unique approach of Weinblum + Stahl, which resulted in new projects to plan, promote and curate events and exhibitions for Olaf Hausschulz in Hanover, Union Investment in Kuala Lumpur and many others.

Participating artists:

Site-specific installations by Malin Holmberg (SE), Kite & Laslett (UK), Franz Reimer (DE), Sebastian Schmieg (DE), Margo Trushina (RU) and Julia Vogl (UK).

Completed works by AES+F (RU), Marcus Harrling + Moa Geistrand (SE), MARCK (CH), Post-it Cities (ESP), Antonio Riello (IT) and Steve Rosenthal (UK).