Sequel Website

Washington, DC, USA – Sequel Technology & IP Law is a law firm specialising in intellectual property, technology, internet and business transactions. With precedent-setting cases that have helped define laws governing the internet, a fresh look and overall improvements to the firm’s own website was a fundamental component of a new creative strategy for the company.

In collaboration with Moiré Marketing Partners, we built a new identity around the core message, “Think Beyond,” which succinctly captures how Sequel distinguishes themselves by thinking and operating beyond the boundaries of traditional law firms.

We updated the firm’s website and created a new mobile site featuring strong colours that, while bold, are also refined to reflect confidence, professionalism and sensitivity to handle confidential information.

With a clear interface and a strong visual connection to the phrase “Think Beyond,” the site invites users to explore how Sequel takes care of their clients’ present interests while also anticipating what their clients’ future needs will be in the rapidly changing internet and technology spheres.