Sigrid Janitzek-Rauscher – Customizable Brochure

Berlin, DE – Long-standing client, Sigrid Janitzek Rauscher, came to Weinblum + Stahl to design a corporate brochure for the companys accounting and tax advisory services in the professional, high-quality brand identity that W+S created for the company. The brochure needed to explain the companys overall offering while at the same time be targeted to the specialised needs of different clients and industries.

To allow for this flexibility, we created a customizable piece with individual, topic-specific sheets that can be inserted into a main brochure that contains general information about Sigrid Janitzek Rauscher and an overview of the companys services.

Weinblum + Stahl created individual leaflets, which describe industry-specific services that Sigrid Janitzek-Rauscher provides and can be inserted into the main brochure individually.