Sigrid Janitzek-Rauscher Corporate Identity

Berlin, DE – When Sigrid Janitzek-Rauscher, a certified accounting and tax advisory firm, was moving the company’s offices to the Fünf Morgen Urban Village community in Berlin’s upscale Dahlem neighbourhood, they needed to revitalise their corporate identity to better reflect the company’s fresh and professional spirit, influenced by the new modern surroundings.

Every brand touchpoint, from the website to printed materials and company signage, was carefully selected to communicate the company’s revitalised identity and to be compatible with their contemporary, architecturally unique location.

Working collaboratively with SJR, Weinblum + Stahl developed a strong visual identity that was fresh, approachable and sophisticated. We introduced a new logo, attractive colour palette and contemporary font.

Based on the newly defined visual identity, Weinblum + Stahl designed the company’s entryway signage and glass foil design, which reflect the architectural surrounding of the new office.

Updated photography features both the company’s new, light-filled office space and the inviting, friendly faces of Sigrid Janitzek-Rauscher and her team.