Tentamus Website

Berlin, DE – Weinblum + Stahl was commissioned to redesign and develop the Tentamus website. Tentamus offers a global network of 85 highly special­ized labo­ra­to­ries, with over 3500 employees and a diverse portfolio of services including molecular biological analysis, pharmaceutical testing and sensory training. This complex network of laboratories and broad range of services needed to be reflected on the new website with a clear structure and in a user-friendly way. Based on the company’s Corporate Identity and in collaboration with the client, Weinblum + Stahl redefined the site architecture, and developed and designed a new website, highlighting the company’s extensive offer and capabilities as well as improving the overall UX journey and design.

In order to make the copy-heavy content more accessible, we used bold colors, content specific graphics and photographs from our on-site shooting as well as subtle animations throughout the whole site. Furthermore, a smartly structured and designed navigation allows each user to navigate through the site in a comprehensible and efficient way.